A 50% non refundable deposit is due to secure your date at the time of reservation, your date will not be reserved without a deposit. The remaining 50% is due one month prior to your event date.

event day

During your online reservation please provide us with the location of your event, start time and the earliest we can deliver and setup your flower wall. We will also need your event coordinator/contact so we can setup a meeting time the day of your event to confirm the exact location where you would like your wall setup. Please allow us with 1.5 hours to setup your flower wall.

delivery & setup

Delivery and setup charges are included in the reservation fee. If you are 50 miles outside of Nashville (Davidson County) area there will be a $50 trip fee applied to your balance.

Wall Care

To ensure you enjoy your flower wall for the full duration of your event, do not attempt to hang, prop items, or lean against the flower wall structure. Inform your guest to not lean against or pull flowers from the flower wall.